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It is an excellent society if the citizens living in the said society to be considered as the honorable partners irrelevant to their nations, religions, gender, complexion, age or any other differences.

From the point, where the man has reached to a more complex life structure after diminishing the old simple community life, the government intervention can be more commonly seen in the most developed countries in the world on behalf of the group of people, whom are needed a special attention or care. Sri Lanka Social Security Board performs the said bona fide endeavor.

In an economic structure, in which, the private enterprise is becoming more powerful while shrinking the state enterprise, it is essential to build up the social structure in a very strong manner. It is another responsibility of the Social Security Board is to provide the pension to those, who do not claim for a state pension, without any embarrassment and to provide the care to the disabled people and severely sick people, who are needed a special attention or care without moving them outward the common social flow.

I must extend my compliments to the overall operational staff and all Officers, who to be paid tribute following the fulfillment of the successful services targets, in the Sri Lanka Social Security Board, which performs the social security task in a government that thinks every person as a valuable social asset while understanding the above responsibility.

Maithripala Sirisena

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