Social Security Division

Main Functions of the Social Security Division

  • Planning and monitoring the propaganda and promotional activities on the pension and social security benefit scheme.
  • Increasing awareness among targeted community and the officers who implement the said scheme in order to implement the social security pension scheme.
  • After increasing the awareness on the scheme, taking necessary actions to grant the membership.
  • Having done the required guidance for the payments of the premiums, providing the pass books and bank deposit receipts, which are needed to make the payments
  • Resolving the member issues and providing required provisions for activating the accounts of dormant members
  • Taking steps to streamline the service activities by administering the Social Security Division of the head office and 25 district offices
  • Adopt all possible procedures to implement the pension and social security schemes of the Board with coordination of institutions, officers and community organizations
Human Resources

All service activities namely deed services, pension payments, insurance and promotional functions pertaining to pension and social security schemes are implemented by 04 service units of the head office and 25 offices established in all districts.

  • Deputy General Manager (Social Security)
  • Assistant General Manager (Recruitments and District Administration)
  • Assistant General Manager (Pension/Insurance)
  • Managers
  • Coordinating Officers
  • Management Assistant
  • Office Assistant