Internal Audit Division

Main Functions of the Internal Audit Division
  • Inspection of job specifications and job descriptions and approved number of employees (cadre)
  • Recruitment of staff and inspection of personal file
  • Arrival and departure of staff and inspection of leaves taken by officers
  • Employee welfare and inspection of motivational actions
  • Inspection of employee disciplinary control and disciplinary actions
  • Running conditions of vehicles and inspection of maintenance activities
  • Inspection of maintenance activities, sanitation and security services
  • Inspection of the receipt of Treasury provision and premium contributions
  • Inspection of procurement activities
  • Inspection of all recurrent and capital expenditures
  • Inspection of bank accounts and preparation of bank reconciliations
  • Inspection of investment activities
  • Preparation and inspection of account reports and financial statements Inspection of Operational Activities
  • Inspection of the enrolment of members for pension and social security schemes, computerization of applications and issuance of deeds
  • Levying the premiums, remittance and inspection of accounts
  • Inspection of the payments of pensions and other benefits
  • Inspection of payments at the occasions of leaving the membership 19.Inspection of promotional activities and progress of programs

Human Resources

  • Internal Auditor
  • Audit Officer
  • Investigation Officer