Administration Division

Main Functions of the Administration Division
  • Recruitment of staff and Maintenance of subject files until the retirement of the officers
  • Conduct of disciplinary investigations with regard to the general conduct of the staff
  • Conduct of efficiency bar examinations for evaluating the efficiency of officers
  • Conduct of trainings and workshops for the staff
  • Organizing of ceremonies such as the Social Security Awards Ceremony
  • Preparation of annual reports/corporate plan/action plan
  • Monitoring of activities required to hold monthly board meetings and preparing board papers
  • Forwarding the reports,which to be sent monthly,quarterly and annually to the Ministry and other goverment instituions
  • Maintenance of buildings, machinery and vehicles and obtaining of vehicle facilities under long term lease
  • Making arrangements to obtain the loan facilities necessary for the staff such as ten month loan
  • Entering into annual agreements for obtaining the services of the security services, cleaning services, maintenance of other machineries and other contractual services
  • Taking necessary action to deliver the cheques issued to the monthly pensioners expeditiously on the due date
  • Supervising all activities related to the computer network between the 25 district offices and the head office by the Information Technology Unit
Human Resources
  • Head office – The head office of the Board was established in a four storied building owned by the Board itself situated at No. 18, Rajagiriya Road, Rajagiriya with effect from 06th March 2013
  • District offices – Social Security district offices have been established in all District Secretariats in the country
  • General Manager
  • Assistant General Manager
  • Manager (Administration)
  • Management Assistant
  • Telephone Operator (Office Assistant)
  • Drivers

IT Unit

  • Social Security Officer (Information Technology)
  • Database Administrator
  • Computer Programming Assistant (Software)
  • Computer Programming Assistant (Hardware)